· Bruna the witch and the secret of the Enchanted fairy · Bruna la bruja y el secreto de La Encantada · Bruna, la bruixa i el secret de l'Encantada · 
In this book, Pasqual Alapont @pasqualalalapont, one of the masters of children's and young people's fiction, offers us a modern-day journey into the fantastic, fun and ecological imaginary, through Bruna, the witch.
Algar Editorial · Bromera · Animallibres 
Editor: Gonçal López-Pampló | Cover & Graphic design: Carles Barrios
Age +7-11 Hardcover · 15,5 x 22,5 cm

ISBN 9788413582924 · 9788491425700 · 9788418592706
· Character sketches · 
Bruna, the witch. 
Miguel & Fals the Elf
The Enchanted fairy
Water fairy pond
· Color character study ·
· Cover ·
· Comic pages in between chapters ·
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