· Elsa y el Club de los Números ·
Winner of the Prize Horténsia Roig de Literatura Infantil i Juvenil, created to encourage #STEM vocations among girls.
Wonderfully, well-written by Andrea Navarro (@darthela ), who has managed to create an ingenious story around mathematics and other sciences that engages from the first moment. A great novel for first readers, where I have had the pleasure of collaborating with some illustrations for the interesting world of enigmas of Elsa and her friends.
Details: 140 x 220 mm | 120 pages (including endpapers) | 2022 | Age +9
Photo Credits: Plataforma Editorial 
· Character sketches ·
Photo Credits: Amparito Sebastià 
· Cover ·
· Some sketches ·
Photo Credits: Amparito Sebastià 
· Emmy Noether ·
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